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Replace a missing file

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How can I find SFCom.DLL??

My computer won't do a proper startup until I re-install Sonic Focus Tray.exe file.

When I googled Sonic Focus Tray to try to find a download, I get useless results offered through downloads, installs, drivers, etc., except what I need. What is the simple replacement of the missing SFCom.DLL file?

Also do I even need sonic focus? Would I be better off with some other? I have no idea what Sonic Focus is even used for or good for. I have an Asus X54C Notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

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Sonic Focus is an application used by the sound card to enhance the output sound for devices. In no way, the program is a "must-have" for your system to boot properly as it's 3rd party software which does not interfere with the system's stability and functionality.

The simplest way to solve this is to manually download SFCom.Dll by placing it in the working directory. You can find the file with this search string "sfcom.dll download". The first result is the working one. Download and place the file in the working directory, then you will no longer receive any error. If the error actually persists, I recommend re-installing the software for the soundcard.

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