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How to recover my secret disk files?

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The Windows system has crashed and I want to know how to recover my secret disk files from the hard drive.

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Thanks to everyone for your answers, the problem was solved.

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Very simple to recover secretdisk files. Download spacesniffer. Use it to scan the drive your secret disk was saved to. Expand your usernames files in space sniffer (C:\Documents and Settings[Your Username] on xp). Navigate to the Application Data area, Look for your recycle bin something like RecycleBin.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} hidden inside is Location1. Right click on the recycle bin and copy its full name such as "RecycleBin.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}" now open a command prompt window Windows key + r, type cmd and hit enter.

Now it gets fun, navigate to the application data folder cd C:\Documents and Settings[Your User]\Local Settings\Application Data\ (dont forget you can right click and paste into command prompt to save some typing.) Once in your application data type cd [Your Recyclebin Code]. Type dir you should see Location# each number is a new secret disk so if you are using the free, its Location1. hit enter and wala you are inside your "secret disk". You can use copy commands to move files easily. Windows explorer will give you errors if you try to just navigate to it directly since windows explorer will open your recycle bin not the hidden files inside of this fake bin folder.

All in all I would not store highly secret files in secret disk unless you are okay with how easy it is to find them. No password required at all to access the files if you know where to look. Note: you could do it without space sniffer, however it just makes the process a little easier since you can copy paste the recycle bin full name instead of typing it one key at a time.

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Dear Alex Try some free Data recovery software. I am sure this will troublee shoot your problem

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If your hard drive is still intact then you can use a Live System to access the required files. For this operation I recommend you use Ubuntu in Live mode. You can download the ISO and burn it to a CD then boot into Live mode. All your desktop partitions will be available for accessing. You can plug an external HDD or USB stick to copy the needed files then perform a new installation of the system.

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It's a little problem: Go and look for a good recovery software. Pandora recovery is the better now.

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You can use this software: recovery my files or recuva ,these are strong softwares to recover your files safely

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