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Something is not working while using the instructions.

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I have done everything you said, but once when I am in "Application Data", after typing "cd [My Recyclebin Code]" (without "") prompt, it gives me the following message: "The system could not find the specified path" or something like that. I'm sure that I typed the code correctly, do you know why it occurs?

related to an answer for: How to recover my secret disk files?

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You encounter that error because the path is actually wrong. Spacesniffer recommended in a post has nothing to do with your problem. Use the a Live System as Alex Urbach mentioned in a post on the original post.

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Julia, but look: using Spacesniffer I could see the files I have stored in Secret Disk. The program showed me the directories and the files. I thought it was impossible, but with Spacesniffer - and only with it - I could see my files. And the path it shows is that one I mentioned before. Furthermore, after changing the directories configuration in order to allow the exhibition of hidden files and system files, I was able to access the path "Recycle Bin... etc.", but there's nothing there, at least, something visible or accesible. I know that Spacesniffer cannot do anything more to me, but it shows me that the files are still in my HD and the path it shows it really exists. What I need to know is if I can access these files in order to copy them to another directory.

I called Privacy Root and they said that the my password won't work anymore, so, using Secret Disk, I will not recover my files.

And, yes, I made a Live CD, using Ubuntu, but how can it help me? I don't understand anything about Linux, and using the live CD, I could see the common directories and files, but not that ones stored in Secret Disk. Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.

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