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How do I open a DOS program on Mac?

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I bought a very expensive program, but they did not specify it was for PC only. My Mac cannot read it. No customer support coming from the company as of yet. Thank you for your help!

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If your application does not have Mac support, then you can use Bootcamp to run Windows next to your Mac installation or use Crossover which allows you to run Windows applications inside Mac environment.

The best approach is to use an application instead of Bootcamp, because this requires you to partition your hard drive and it's rather complicated.

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If it's a genuine DOS application, not a Windows one, you can use DosBox. It's a bit finicky in terms of configuration, but you won't have to reboot into another OS each time you need to use the program you bought.

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i have lost my serial number for my versa check program how do recover it

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