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Can song titles / artists info be tagged and burned on a CD?

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Can song titles / artists info be tagged and burned on a CD?

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Many audio players use Gracenote for artist tagging and identifying. One such player is Winamp, which is the common used audio player. When you load a track into Winamp, you have the possibility to use Gracenote auto-tag service to change it to proper format with all the needed details.

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If I understand correctly, you're looking to burn an audio CD with the tracks on it containing meta info. If that's the case, things are a bit complicated. As such, the CD Audio format doesn't support any kind of tagging, so the only option you've got is to use CD-Text info on your CD. There should be a checkbox in your burning app to enable that (Nero and ImgBurn support it) - this info will be stored in the lead-in area of the CD. Note, however, that not all CD players can read that info (in most cases you'll still be seeing the same 'Track 1' as usual).

If you're intending to rip the said CD afterwards and want to keep the existing tags, don't bother. I mean, your CD ripper will likely be able to identify the tracks and tag them correctly regardless of whether you've included CD-Text or not.

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I believe that the above information is not accurate as the META info can be embedded in an Audio CD ( Most burning applications offer the possibility to manually add TXT data to a CD, but this is a hidden feature that users don't find it.

Even the link you have posted mentions that there are applications that allow you to do that.

On a side note, you are assuming, because the user did not mentioned it was burning an Audio CD. He just wanted to add ID3 tags and properly identify artist names for his tracks.
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Sorry, I'll have to correct you on this one. Your linked Ehow article is misleading: it claims to be showing how to embed meta info in Audio CDs, whilst it clearly states that you should switch the burning mode into 'Data CD' on step 2 - which effectively leaves your MP3 files as MP3 files. Completely intact, tagged or untagged.

I'm not sure what you're arguing against since I did explain that CD-Text info can be included. You can't quite call it track tagging (because it's stored in the lead-in area of the disc, and not each separate track), but it's meta info nonetheless.

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