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How to burn a song from my computer to a CD?

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How to burn a song from my computer to a CD?

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If you want to know how to create and AUDIO CD from a file, respond to this answer and I will provide the necessary steps.

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If you want to burn a song to a CD you should follow these steps:

  1. Insert blank media into CD/DVD-ROM
  2. In My Computer, navigate to the file you want to burn and right click it and COPY.
  3. Double click the drive with the blank cd and choose Files Ready to Be Written to the CD and when a folder appears, PASTE the file there
  4. Navigate to CD Writing Tasks and click Write to CD
  5. A wizard with on-screen instructions will start. Just follow those instructions.
  6. You CD is now ready with the file you selected.

This applies to file and folders burning.

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Run WinISO, drag the song into WinISO,

click 'burn'
WinISO will process it with super fast speed.

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