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I have a funeral CD and would like to convert it to a Word document.

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I have a funeral CD and would like to convert it to a Word document.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the indicated application for this simple, yet complicated operation. It has the ability to transcribe audio into text using powerful tools.

After you acquire the software, you will be presented with powerful and simple tutorials on how to achieve your goal but the basic operation remains the same: insert the CD, select the output language and settings and wait for the software to complete its process.

Please note that it may take a long time based on the how much data is on the CD.

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I am looking for something cheaper than Dragon, any ideas?

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Automatic transcribing is hard to accomplish with accurate results. The best is to use a transcribing software. Express Scribe is a good alternative for operations like these. It works best if you have a pedal which you can use to manipulate playback for easy and accurate transcribing.

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