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How can I recover Windows 7 password if I lost it?

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I lost my Windows 7 password yesterday, how can I recover it? Help me! Thanks!

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At first I didn’t know how to recover Windows 7 password until my friend told me to use Windows Password Recovery Tool. It really help me a lot.

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Method 1: Recover Windows 7 Password with Another Administrator Account
Windows 7 password recovery is a breeze if you share your computer with an administrative user. You could ask the administrative user to log on to Windows 7 with his username and password and perform the following steps:
1. Open Windows 7 Start Menu, and click Control Panel.
2. In the Control Panel, click Add or remove user accounts.
3. Select the account for which you have lost the password.
4. Click on Remove the password or Change the password
5. Then you can remove or change the forgotten or lost password.

Method 2: Recover Windows 7 Password by Third-party Software
1. Install the program such as SmartKey Windows Password Recovery on another computer and create a password recovery disk with USB
2. Insert the disk to your laptop and set your laptop to boot from it.
3. All user accounts will be loaded, then you can reset any user password.

Details in this page:

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The easiest way to recover your password is to use a LiveCD operating system which allows you to see all the passwords stored for Windows 7 OS. For this operation I recommend using Ophcrack. You will need to download Vista/7 version of the LiveCD and burn it to an empty CD. You can do this with ImgBURN. Download and install ImgBURN and select Write Image file to Disc, then select Ophcrack ISO file. Once it completes, restart and boot from CD. When the system loads successfully, an application will start to decrypt the password file, retrieving all passwords that are found.

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I am trying to change my login password for my Dell Windows 7 laptop and am having trouble as yours. I searched my password problem online and tried many suggestions. I have tried free reset program Ophcrack, but it did not work for my laptop. Fortunately, I got out of trouble with help of the Youtube guide on "I forgot my Windows 7 password".

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Windows Password Unlocker is helpful,you can reset Windows 7 password quickly with it

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Try to recover Windows 7 password with Windows Password Key.

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If you have a reset disk, you can use it directly to recover password in Windows 7. If you don't have you can download Ophcrack to create one. Or you can try Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, which is reset software and can help you reset or change your password, or create a new account. From you can learn more and download it.

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Maybe you can try to use Windows Password Killer Software, which is regarded as the most widely-used and efficient way to find lost Windows 7 admin password. For more:

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You can get more helpful Windows 7 password recovery solution from this blog: How to Recover Windows 7 Password?

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