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My laptop lost the webcam and can't find it anymore

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My webcam is gone from my laptop. How do I restore it?

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hi, friends.
recently time I have also same problem occur but my uncle had solved this problem.
But thanks for give your response!
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First try to see maybe you just lost the icon from your webcam. Click "Start", open "Control Panel" and select "Scanners and Cameras". If you do not find your camera there, right click on "My Computer" and select "Device Manager" where you can find if your camera is installed or not. If you camera is not installed, go to the page your laptop manufacturer and look for "Support". There you can download all the drivers that you need for you laptop, including the one for your camera. Download the driver and install it and your camera should work.

asked Feb 7, 2014
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Can't find camera icon.
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Before you go through all those hoops with drivers and other tosh, here's a simple thing to try: make sure your webcam is turned on. Okay, it may sound daft, but the thing is, laptops do allow you to switch the webcam off - whereby your Windows system will not even know you've got one.

The way you turn it on is this: look for a key with a picture of a webcam on it: it can be one of the so-called function keys (most likely F4, F5, or F6) or a dedicated button. Then press and hold the Fn key (in the bottom-left corner of your keyboard) and press the intended function key. Or just press that dedicated button, without any Fn keys at all.

You won't even need to install anything extra, or in fact do anything else at all, after that.

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Oh yeah! Maybe also Fn+Esc (without cam icon on Esc) or a hardware switch somewhere on your laptop.

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YES!! THANK YOU! This was SO useful!! Thanks you so much!
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