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I have Aspire Z5761. I have a 2nd monitor hooked up to it and use it as primary monitor. How can I get touchportal to load on the NON primary monitor?

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I have Acer Aspire All in One Touchscreen Z5761 with an external monitor. I use the external monitor as my primary as I do graphics and photo editing, and the glare on the Acer can be eye watering. The problem is this: the icon to launch Touchportal is on my external monitor and opens on the external, but controlled by the Acer aspire screen.

I need to know how to, or if I can move/launch Acer Touchportal on the Desktop screen, which is now my secondary monitor.

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When you connect an external display to the laptop or PC, sometimes Windows (based on the installed software or features) will enhance your right click menu with additional options regarding applications moving. If this happened, right click the application and use the Move to command to send it to another desktop. One more thing is that you drag and drop the window of the application onto the second screen.

If this doesn't happen, you will need to use a virtual desktop application which provides the functions to move the windows just how you please. I have used Dexpot in the past and it proved to be very efficiently for this kind of operations. After you install the application, right click on the application's window and send it where you want it.

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I know that when I connect external display (it's a desktop computer, not a laptop), you get an enhanced menu with more options.

The TouchPortal launch icon is anchored in the corner of whatever screen is designated the primary, so can't drag and drop.

I don't need a virtual desktop. What I needed was a way to make TouchPortal anchor on the secondary screen, rather than the main one. I ended up getting UltraMon, so can switch which screen is the primary with a click of the mouse. Not a perfect solution, but it seems to be the only thing to do.

Thank you for your assist, though. Much appreciated.
asked Jun 11, 2014
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My Acer z5761 seems to turn on when it actually freezes.

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