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When I shutdown my computer, Anysend stops the shutdown until I force it to close. How do I keep Anysend from holding up shutdown?

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Hello, I am using "Anysend" and it keeps my computer from shutting down until I force it to. How do I configure "Anysend" to release at shutdown without hanging up?
I'm using Windows 7 64bit version.


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I got the same issue and emailed it to their support. They promise to fix it in a future version.

Will let you know if they will get back to me once it's done.

Jack Lindt

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The guys from AnySend just sent me an email saying they resolved the issue and released a new version.

Never got a response so fast from a SW company.

Jack Lindt

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You can try and use a command to make background programs to force close when the shutdown sequence was initiated. Use the Start button > Run > type "shutdown -f -s -t 1" (without quotation marks) and press Enter. The command will force close the background programs and shutdown your computer.

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