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Family Tree Builder Reliant On Website?

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I am about to reach my limit on the number of ancestors I can input into the program. Is this program stand-alone or is it reliant on the website? In other words, can I continue to input family members without upgrading from the free version? I know it will not show up on my site, but can the program still be used without syncing? Thank you.

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According to the data posted on the official website by MyHeritage, you can add 250 people in the tree and the limit of storage space is 500 MB. This is for the Basic package and it doesn't matter if you used the Family Tree Builder on the desktop PCs.

However, the Premium plan allows you to add an unlimited number of people and you also have additional storage. The Premium plan is billed yearly. For additional information, consult the website. Also, if the MyHeritage Family Tree Builder is installed on your PC, then it should use the same subscription plans.

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The program can still be used and you can add more ancestors and relatives after the limit is reached but those people will not be synced to the website. They will show up in your family tree.

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December 2017 - I am using FamilyTree builder on my desktop and I have 6,000 names in it so far. It had been only able to sync the first 250 on the web site however a couple months ago I believe (I forgot the date) they apparently upgraded the free web site and all of my 6,000 names are now there. I am using the free version so of course the SmartMatches don't do me much good since I can't see the results from other sites without the paid upgrade. I am using version 7 on my desktop as there were serious problems initially with version 8 according to MyHeritage Forum users and I have not upgraded to that version.

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