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Snapchat added someone without me adding them.

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Removed all girls from my Snapchat to make the girlfriend happy, well her friend said I added her when I didn't by any means. Within the last two weeks, I changed the settings from where I can receive snaps from everyone and not just my friends and everyone can see my story and not just my friends. Would that have anything to do with it adding her back or what? Started a big fight and trying to figure out what is up.

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From the moment you tweak your settings and make them publicly available in terms of privacy and friendship, you will be exposed to all the users who access Snapchat. This could be the reason why you received friendship requests. Secondly, tune your privacy and deny any friend request unless you initiate the procedure and that's it. There is no need to fight as this is a simple setting that needs to be changed. If you added someone, it should appear on your friend's list and all the requests should be seen there.

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