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What's the difference between Microsoft Office System 2007 and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 and if not, which one should I delete?

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I have Microsoft Office System 2007 and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. Do I need both and if not, which do I delete?

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MS Office 07 is the basic package containing 75% of what Enterprise package contains.

Enterprise package is what is used in most of the offices, since it provides vast aspect of tools then basic one.

You can keep any one of them depending on what you require.

Here is a list of both the packages:

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The enterprise version has more function , i prefer suggest the Office 2013 Pro, i used office 2013 pro now, bought in ,i have used for several months in my laptop , tell the truth , at first , i don't trust this website , it's so cheap , but we can pay by paypal ,so i am no afraid that the info of my credit card will be stolen .

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i wan't to get ms office 2007 installer who have a installer?

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Both packages are fine. The first one is the basic Office package with everything from Word to Powerpoint and the Enterprise version features additional tools to use regarding different activities. While the Basic package is available for home users, the Enterprise version is oriented to universities, small and medium companies, etc.

Both have the standard tools and in case you don't want to use a more advanced package like Enterprise then you should stick with the first option.

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