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I want to delete a video. I tried to do that but I received an error: Opened file can not be deleted. What should I do?

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Apart from UnLocker, I would also recommend if you have TuneUp installed there, then that can also unlock a running application, however, just a backfill for any kind of context menu applicators, please make sure things are saved within your files. Also, if anything is copied onto your copy handler, make sure that there is only copied things & not cut pasted things ongoing or running, or at times these appliacations, break the operation & your files get corrupted.

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You are trying to delete a video that it's opened in another application. You can't do that. You will need to stop all the applications that currently use the file. If that does not work, you can try Unlocker application which will help you in this case. Unlocker is a context menu application which allows you to delete locked files and unlock them from certain applications.

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