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Viber account bound to a SIM that's in a device that Viber doesn't support.

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I hope that title made sense. I have three devices as follows:

  • A: my old android phone
  • B: my android tablet
  • C: an unsupported Nokia.

Device A broke so I transferred my SIM Card to the unsupported device C. Device B still has Viber on it and it's tied to my SIM Card number that's on device C. I need to take a picture with the device that has my SIM on to verify myself. I cannot do that since I cannot have Viber on that device and the tablet doesn't support the SIM I have either. Am I stuck with no Viber anymore until I get a new phone? I can only use it on Desktop (for now, probably until it asks for verification).

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Yes, apparently you are stuck with Viber until you get a new phone that supports this application. However, you can use it on desktop for as long as you want, because the service won't ask for verification as long as it's activated.

I've tested your scenario and Viber didn't ask for activation/verification procedure, therefore it can be used like this until you actually buy a new phone.

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I've already settled the issue by simply saving up for a new mobile device. Thank you for your insight.

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