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Do I have to use the client in order to download the software?

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I am looking for a way to download an old version of HP Digital Imaging Album Printing version 1.0. Do I need the software.informer client in order to download the software? I have searched all over the place and this is the only place I have found this old version.

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Of course not, you can use the web section of Informer to download the application because there are links provided which you can access to get the file. The client provides an alternative way of updating your applications.

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That is interesting because there seems to be about 10 ads on the page so I discover the only viable link in the first image:

it brings me to this page here which has more ads:


that brings me to HP page which has no viable links to the particular old version of software at all here in the third printscreen image:


that all tells me that my first and only experience with this site is nothing but another advertisement ploy on the web to get ad views. Which is all really disappointing because this was the only place that I could find anything referring to this old software for download and you claim to be able to provide it. I have been provided with nothing but ads and links that lead me to no place useful of my search. Is there a link someplace that I am somehow missing?

I would be willing to think that your client is full of browser add-ons and ads too now.
Feel free to correct me if i am wrong. .

If you are able to find a real link to an actual host of this original and specific old version of software i would be highly appreciative. So far all I got was a link to the publishers which i had already searched who have made this oldversion obsolete thus creating a use for the concept of your website. It would be really helpful if your website did what it claimed in this particular instance.
I mean, i know servers aren't free but, why claim access to something that is not available from your website?

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I checked the company web, even the publishers web, & I see that you are correct. This has become obsolete & also note that the latest wares are also not available on the site.

You just went through 10 ads, I went through god knows how many more.

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This software has been replaced with HP Photo Creations. Please use this software instead of the old one because HP Digital Imaging Album Printing is no longer available.

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