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Burning movie on portable DVD Writer

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I have DVD+R DL disks rated 8.5 GB and 240 minutes. However, your software keeps telling me that my file of 552 mb - 2hr 32 min is too big and will not burn my movie, although it shows that the disk is 8.5 GB. Can anyone help me here?

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i have a toshiba dvd burner that works great but only with dvd-r disks. it states it will burn dvd+R disks but it will not. neither will my mac burn those type disks.

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  1. make movie less than 1 hr (duration)then rendered
  2. make next movie less than 1 hr. do that step until all movie is finished. then burn with your movie burner you have.

good luck!!!

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The problem is not with your operating systems but with the DVD printer. It shouldn't have any problem burning on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc., but if the device is not burning discs in neither of the above mentioned operating systems, then it does not support that type of DVDs. You should paste the model number and brand of your DVD writer in Google and look for supported discs.

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