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Upgrade to Android 6.0 destroyed SPB Wallet.

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I purchased SPB Wallet for Android a long time ago. When I upgraded recently to Android 6.0, the data in the Wallet was missing the passwords, it just had part of the data.

So, I reloaded the program and data from a Titanium Backup. Now, it won't even launch saying that "This is not from the Market". It flashes for a second to the Play Market, but then immediately flashes back and says can't download.

Looks like, you do no longer have it on the Market? Help! I need the data in the wallet badly. Please tell me what to do. Maybe you can send me a new .apk file?

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According to various information found on specific websites, the Spb Wallet application is discontinued for a very long time. There have been other users with similar issues, but unfortunately, there was no way to overcome them.

As I recommended to other as well, LastPast is a known application that can work with all platforms available and besides that it's free and provides strong encryption for everything.

Of course, you can use an APK found through Google, but since you're storing passwords and sensitive data, I wouldn't try installing something off the Play Store.

As for the problem you're having, you will need to downgrade the phone's OS (which could damage it permanently) and use a 3rd party APK file that might be malware infected.

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Thanks for your reply. In the end what I did was to switch to an app called Safe in Cloud that can import the data from SPB Wallet using the desktop versions of each.

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