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RDworks compatibility with Mac OS.

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Hello, I'm buying a Macbook Pro and want to confirm if RDWORKS is compatible with iOS. If not then what is a good way to go about it?

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No, there is no version of this software compatible with Mac OS X. For all the machines listed on the official website, RDWorks is listed as being compatible with Windows. No machine or software is compatible with Mac OS.

You will have to use Bootcamp to install Windows on your Mac in order to have the full functionality of the RDWorks software. It requires drivers which means Paralells Desktop and Wine Bottler are not suitable.

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thanks Sean that definitely helps.

I was thinking of another option wherein I work on the macbook and make design using corel/autoCAD and then transfer the file to another laptop powered by windows which connects to the laser machine using RD works. Do you think it'll work? Would I have any data loss transferring the file from mac to windows.


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