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Is Viber safe to send photos?

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Does Viber have the key to decrypt our messages and photos sent through Viber? They claim that they use the state of art encryption and messages are secured. Also they say that whenever we send photos through the app, once they are downloaded to the destination phone the message is removed automatically from their Viber servers. If they delete such messages what they might share with their third parties to comply with such laws mentioned in their Privacy Policy? Is it just the personal info?

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There were some problems with encryption a while ago, messages and images weren't encrypted. The files were stored on Viber's servers in "plain text". However, they said sometime ago that this has been fixed, and now it's end-to-end encryption. This means that when you send a message to someone, only that user has the option of seeing the message, because he has the decryption key. The files or messages are stored on Viber's servers until they're delivered, but now there is encryption applied. Not even Viber has the possibility of deciphering them.

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Hi can you please help me?
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@sean Hill how can you say it now uses end to end encryption? Have they mentioned about it anywhere? Even the eff score board is also saying that it is not using end to end encryption.. Thanks for your info... please be kind enough to make this clear too... thank you

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