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Reinstalling Windows Live Mail.

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Since Microsoft basically announced the end of Windows Live Mail for Windows 10, it has been acting "funny" on my Windows 7 machine. I updated it with the latest fix, but now the "To" column in the Sent Folder lists me instead of the receiver.
Is there a difference between Repairing the program with "Uninstall", or does it do a complete Uninstall and re-download the program from Windows Live Essentials? If I do a complete uninstall and re-install, will I lose all my past emails?

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Firstly, I recommend backing up the mails from your email client and then perform a full uninstall/reinstall operation.

If you don't use Microsoft's email system, then I recommend choosing other email clients that give you additional features and they're better supported on future Windows versions.

For example, Mozilla Thunderbird or PostBox can be good alternatives to Windows Live Mail.

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hello, create a new directory and copy your email dedans.faite backup your contacts and répertoire.desinsinstaller and reinstall with live essentials and reintegrate directories and contacts

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