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Dongle on parallel port with new PC.

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We recently changed computers with a new one HP 6000. Unfortunately, the old dongle can't fit as there is no parallel port in it. Can a new USB dongle solve the problem ( Flexi7/Photo Print 3 software can't run without it) as it's a work tool? They are really bothered to not be able to use the tracer.

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It all depends on the developers of the applications. If they released a USB dongle, then yes, you can use it while connected to the USB port, but I believe it will cost extra for this job and then there is a another cheap solution that actually works. Use Amazon or your local IT shop/website and look for a COM/SERIAL/Parallel to USB adapter. It will allow you to connect your Dongle to the USB through an adapter. All you need to do is to install the drivers and it should work normally.

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