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Information about LG TV ITV Player.

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As of 02/04/15 is there an App for ITV Player yet? I've signed up to ITV Player on my PC and tried to access it on my LG Smart TV. I open ITV Player via Google and it opens OK and I can log. Then will not play the show I pick, because it asks me for my postcode and the when I've entered it tells me "Sorry, something's wrong" and doesn't do anything. Does anyone know any different to the 2012 answers?

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No, there is no update for those answers. I have checked the known websites for applications for LG and there were none available. Also, users on forums confirmed that no application is released for the smart TV platform. There is nothing that can be used at the moment. The only thing you can do is to check the app world of your smart TV to find something else.

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