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Is it just me, or does RatBatch seem to fail a lot?

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If I just run RatDVD, it compresses just fine. RatCheck gives it a clean bill of health. But if I use RatBatch, it fails, usually within seconds, with a "RatDVD has stopped responding" message. But if I turn around and just use RatDVD by itself, with the same PC and same other programs running, it works fine. SO what's up with that?

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The tools available within the package are very old (2005). The problems you encounter are probably related to compatibility. Try running the applications with a compatibility tweak applied. Right click the RATattack, then select Properties > Compatibility. I recommend using Windows XP Service Pack 3 from the list. You can do the same for RATBatch as well. If you still have issues, access the official website and download the latest available patch.

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This absolutely fixed it. I probably should have thought of that myself, seeing as it's old, but I didn't and you did so YOU ROCK!

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