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Mio Spirit LM697 Truck not recognized by my Windows 8 PC.

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When I first got my Windows 8.1 PC in Feb 2013 and installed Mio Desktop v7.5 0110, all went well and I was able to download new maps etc. Since having to restore my Windows 8.1 PC after getting a blue screen when trying to install webcam software, the Mio software does not recognize or see the Sat Nav when I connect it to the PC. Fortunately it still works on my Vista Laptop but the map update process is a lot slower on this, so I would prefer to get things working on my PC again. Any ideas?

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I recommend downloading the version from the official website. Save the file to your computer, then right click the setup file and choose Run as Administrator. Once the process is finished, plug the device and wait for Windows to finish the installation. If it detects the errors, go to Device Manager (Start > Run > devmgmt.msc). Right click the device, choose Update Driver, then Search Automatically. Make sure Windows looks for files on your computer. Click on Skip looking on the Windows Update and the device should be installed correctly.

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No I have tried just about everything now but even though the PC knows that the device is there as it shows up as drive J the Mio desktop does not see it. bad as Vista is at least i am able to use it on my laptop and still updates and back up my sat nav. its a pity though that my laptop is a lot slower than my new er Win 8.1 PC

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