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Snapchat appears and disappears.

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On the page with my past conversations, sometimes (but not always) when I scroll all the way down to my last shown conversation, an unopened Snapchat will quickly appear and then disappear. I also have a Snapchat that I sent a while ago that was never opened, but that person's score has kept going up, so I find it weird that my Snapchat was never opened. Is there a chance that these two things are related?

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The problem is usually caused by scrolling too fast. You are trying to get the data from the server too fast and since it can't handle it too fast, you usually have messages reported as not being read. This happens because there are millions of people using the same servers. Attempt to scroll slower and the messages will load correctly. You will see that sometimes, when you scroll, messages appear differently than the way you originally sent them.

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