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Playing Blu-Ray content on the Mac.

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Is there any software that I need, to be able to play the Bluray movies on the Mac? If I wanted to view the movie on the Mac, QuickTime won't open it.

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Yes, it's possible to watch Blu-ray discs or ISO's on the Mac with the help of VideoLan. Simply install the application, then go to Media > Open Disc (if you use a Blu-ray disc) or Media > Open File (if the Blu-ray is an ISO file or MKV). If the Mac is powerful enough, you will see seamless playback.

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You download VLC Media player, which is a free player. VLC supports unencrypted Blu-ray discs. Unfortunately, commercial Blu-ray movies will generally be encrypted. You can try using the third-party AACS dynamic library to make VLC play encrypted Blu-ray discs — if you’re looking for a Blu-ray player and don’t want to shell out any money, it’s worth a shot.

Actually, Mac Blu-ray Player is the best software to play blu-ray discs on Mac. You can get this Mac Blu-ray Player on Amazon.

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Yes, there are many blu-ray Player software for Mac, as OwenTaylor say, download Mac Blu-ray Player, which is the most famous Blu-ray Player for Mac. You can download on the official Website.

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