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How can I play Blu-ray DVDs?

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My DVD player/recorder supports Blu-ray, but it won't play Blu-ray discs. Do I need to download a special codec?

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Install the update of Quick-Time from the Apple Website... Your problem will be Solved...

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If your device can't play Blu-ray discs it'ss because the discs are not Blu-ray ready. Try using Quicktime to open the discs instead of using the automatic way and you need additional codecs because Quicktime might not be able to understand the format of your Blu-ray file. Combined Community Codec Pack is a good alternative. After you've installed the codecs, drag the entire Blu-ray file or drive over Quicktime and the content will be played automatically.

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I don't think you can play your BDs with your DVD player, you can try QuickTime player, if the software still can't help you, you'd better convert Blu-ray to a QuickTime format.

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This is quite easy.
QuickTime player can play DVD but not Blu-ray, so just forget it. So does the Superdrive.
Install a third party Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player and connect an external Blu-ray drive.
Note: Keep your Internet in a good condition.

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