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A friend request information.

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I would like to ask if someone downloads WeChat app and gets registered as a new user, is there an option that automatically can send a friend request at once to all its contacts on the phone which are already members of WeChat or it has to be done one by one?

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You can send friend requests to all the contacts in the phone using the built-in option available for this purpose. Start the WeChat application then go to Add Friends > Mobile Contacts. Check all the contacts you want to send requests for and the application should do all the rest once the process was started. The Add Friends option allows you to add friends using multiple methods.

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Dear Julia,

thank you for your answer.

I well understood from your answer how should i add friends through mobile contacts, but my initial question was if 'is there an option that automatically can send a friend request AT ONCE to all my contacts on the mobile phone list with wechat and not one by one?' or should i add (request) one by one?

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The software allows you to add multiple WeChat contacts at once. To do this, go to the application then switch to the Contacts tab. Press the + sign and tap on Add Contacts. From the next menu, select Mobile & Other Contacts. At this point, the WeChat application will scan your address book and display all the users who are on WeChat. Check all of them you want to add and press Add and that's it.

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