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Why can't I download data from the Wpremet?

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I am a technical trainer who is being tasked to supervise a group of maritime students that are doing a study-survey on a 2-stroke dieselengine (Bolnes 3 cyl.) As the combustion measurements-tool we have a WPremet. The measurements are supposed to be loaded on my laptop, analyzed and printed out as part of a full report containing all measured data, calculated results and visualized in a Sakey diagram.

The installation disk, available in the box of the WPremet and its accessories, contains the software (version 4.07) to install the analyzing program on my laptop.

The software was successfully (?) installed on my laptop. However, following the taking of data from the diesel and connecting the WPremet to the laptop, choosing the action: "Send data to PC" on the WPremet and the action "Receiving" on the laptop, nothing happens. No data becomes available for analyzing. What am I doing wrong?

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After everything was installed correctly, make sure that the port you're using is correct and the software and drivers are installed correctly. Go to Start > Run > devmgmt.msc and check if the drivers are installed correctly for the application. In case you see a yellow sing for a driver, right click it and choose Update driver. Additionally, access the software and go to Connection settings. Switch the COM/USB ports until the connection is established successfully.

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