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MUVConf : I can access to the login page, but I'm not able to login.

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I'm still having issues to connect to my OfficeSIP Server with MUVConf. I've tried with a lot of parameters. Can anybody help me?

I have an Active Directory server "mydomain.corp" in
OfficeSIP Server is installed in "sipserver.mydomain.corp" in
OfficeSIP Messenger works great in all computers.

I've tried the following parameters:

  • Uri * : aduser1@mydomain.corp
  • Password : mysupersecretpassword
  • Proxy : ws://

I also tried ws:// , ws://sipserver.mydomain.corp:5060 , ws://sipserver:5060 ...

(And I also tried to change from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 R2...)

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As I said on the previous question, this is just a client viewer that works with the most SIP servers including OfficeSIP. According to the developer's instructions, the SIP server doesn't require any configuration except installing. Use the support information on the Support page and then attempt a log-in without using domains or anything extra except the IP, username, password.

I have installed both application (locally) and was able to connect

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