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How to unlock my samsung galaxy 4 screen?

You may find the answer in the thread:

RAMDUMP MODE Cause: Force Upload I do as you say and found these two letters above and chane nothing then.I use galaxy s+ I9001. Advice me how can I do then  
Luv yu dude... Yu solved the problem... Em enjoying but now my new problem is its charging problem...  
1- switch off the phone... restart while holding , volume DOWN , home and power button pressing and holding together for around 4 to 5 seconds... phone will go to recovery mode... select factory reset ...  
This is very easy. You must have internet connection to solve this problem. You go through emergency call and activate wifi. Then you give your google ac. Linnas.  
i do as such as you explain but there is no any feed back my my problem till as it is  
... check your email for the unlocking PIN which will be sent ... that PIN on the lock screen and unlock your phone.  

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