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Is firefox safe to use?

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I have been using Firefox for about 2 years. Internet Explorer ... having a hard time loading pages. Firefox does a much better job of ...  
Mozilla is a great browser to use. You can rely on the browser for security. I personally feel secured at net while surfing through Mozilla.  
Firefox is the browser I used to use, but now I changed to Chrome because Firefox crashed a lot in the past. Don't worry, it becomes better now.  
Both Firefox and Chrome are good browsers but I'm using Chrome now because Firefox has always crashed before but now it is OK.  
It's definitely safe to use. Just make sure you have the latest version. Personally, I like Chrome better, but Firefox is a great browser too.  
I have mozilla firefox and I find it very fast in browsing,even faster than chrome,so I advice you to use it,also you can use firefox and chrome togetheer.  
Yes this is safe, you can also try the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.  
I think the best browser at the moment is Mozilla. Especially for add-on.  
... to recommend, I will say Mozilla Firefox. Apart from this that there ...  
it is good to use trust me i have it.......  
Firefox is a well-known browser and ... can still use Chrome and Firefox at the same time, but ... Firefox is a good alternative with up- ...  

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