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Is there a compelling reason to upgrade Firefox 8?

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I'm currently using Firefox 8, and I am reasonably happy with that version of the program. However, I see that since it was installed on this computer, Mozilla released version 9, then 10. Is there a compelling reason to upgrade Firefox 8?

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The latest version of Mozilla Firefox is 11 and it was released on the 13th of March. There are multiple reasons why it is better to use an up-to-date Mozilla Firefox version, but this depends only on your preferences and needs. Mozilla Firefox 11 is wrapped in a wide range of features, such as Google Chrome migration, SPDY integrated services, Page Inspector Tilt (3D View), Add-on Sync, Redesigned HTML5 video controls, and a Style Editor (CSS). If you care about the looks, it is good to know that its interface is also a bit changed. A complete list of changes can be found here

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