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What is error 923 while downloading?

You may find the answer in the thread:

The explanations about the wifi really helped a lot. I just changed to my mobile network and downloaded the app properly.Thanks guys!:)  
Thank you very much! I have tried "Market Application (Google Play Store) > My apps > Clear cache" and it worked great.  
thanks so much this was helpful. after battling for 2 days I decide to seek help on internet. I have done exactly what was said and now I am able to download. -:) big smile  
Check that you are connected to the right wifi. And make sure you have internet. I had the same problem and it was because my phone connected to another wifi without internet. after switching it to my ...  
I think it is more related to the internet provider than any cell phone. Cause im having the same problem error923 at one internet provider and when i shift it to other it works OK. I think you should ...  
... Updates For more methods to Error 923 go here. Thank you.  
lol guys error 923 is temp,relax,just exit playstore and reopen it.thatz all  
The problem still what can i do i changed 2g/3g and restart and clear cached and still please need help  
First Step error 923 points to the fact that ... the downloads and the storage itself. In order to bypass the error ... your phone and start your download/update enjoy  
Hey! Plz tell me that how do I solve my error 498.  
... I discovered after several attempts to download, and switching off and restarting ... it on and tried the download again it was completed succesfully ...  
... including the app that signalled error 923. Uptick for OP  
Could simple mean you need to connect to your wifi , because you set your phone to update only on Wifi  
vlw ae galera fufo o bang aki grande abra├žo  
Spent 4 hours trolling the web and fiddling with my phone, installing and uninstalling apps and tinkering with settings. Resetting 3G settings by deleting the Access Point Network info, switching off ...  
... your phone and start your download/update enjoy  
hey guys, the issue is not with any app related it happens due to internet settings, if you just delete your 3G settings and re-enter, it should fix the issue also sometime you may need to re-start ...  
... viber could not be downloaded due to an error 403 ] i tried it ...  
i think that is not the latest version of this application because whats app just works on latest version i have this problem with whats app and i download the latest and it got away good luck  
this is cool :D I kept getting error 498 :0  
i'm so annoyed andrew constandache is right but it can't work on my phone  
Error 923 points to the fact that ... the downloads and the storage itself. In order to bypass the error ... your phone then try to download again the required application. Please ...  

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