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How can i hard reset my zte merit?

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Thank you after few tries it worked on my public mobile zte n762  
turn off your unit first then hold the up volume then hold the three line key locate at in the left then push hold the power button until the recovery logo appears  
it's not doing well in the red light is on but its not doing things  
For me it was the power, volume UP (not down), and the lower right button on the front panel (the one with three lines).  
... charged me $25 to reset it and tried to ... were some way I could reset it myself and they ... need my phone. I have a Zte I would be grateful if anyone ... which buttons to push to reset it I tried various ...  
... of entering recovery mode on a Zte merit is first power you're ... restart your phone, when the Zte screen appears press and hold ...  
i reset my phone and i turned it ... that what do i do. I tried resetting and everything (PHONE ZTE N762  
I have the same problem with my bfs phn. First time it happened i took it to Public Mobile and was told that the update it was given WOULDNT MAKE THE PHN BOOT LOOP AGAIN.  
i have the same problem. Did you root your phone?  
the zte n762 only has a power, home,vol up/down, menu and back botton  
There is no send button on the ZTE N762.  
If you want to reset your phone then you will ... and select Wipe Data / Factory Reset and press the Send button ...  

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