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Wild Tangent Update App failed.

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I can't open any Wild Tangent games. I get the error message: "Wild Tangent Update App failed".

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The official website always lists the latest version for the client which means that if you have problems using the automatic updater, download and install the package from their official website. This way you will always install the latest version even if you already have on in your computer.

When installing, make sure to run the installation as Administrator(right click > "Run as Administrator"). This will avoid many problems including online updating.

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Go to your Control Panel and click on Uninstall Software. Find and click on WildTangent Games. Only uninstall the Upload App. You will get a checklist of your games and the App should be at the top. Uninstall it, not your games. Come back to the site here and download the App. The WildTangent Desktop icon will uninstall, but downloading the App on the website will reinstall it.

Run WildTangent the same way you usually do from the Desktop icon. Worked very easily for me.

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