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BETA AFP Browser problems.

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We use Beta AFP Browser in our company. I have had two employees in the last month with the same issue. When printing, the default printer that comes up is the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, even though that is not the default printer in Windows (both systems running Windows 7). You can change the print to print on the correct printer, but the next time it's back to XPS. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling without success. Can you help?

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I know what you mean. Try this. Turn the printer off, unplug it. Delete the printer off your computers. Don't get rid of the files or programs, just in your available printers. You are probably going to find that at least one of your employees work stations has multiple installations of the same printer. This guy is an idiot, fire him. Just kidding. Do not turn on the printer until every computer using it has deleted any thing that resembles an installation and is rebooted. Turn on printer and verify it is connected to your network. Adding printers to each station should be easy. Your issue is your printer has different names depending on who is using it. People with multiple icons and who switch between them adds fuel to the fire. Take away the administration function of adding printers from the users. One name per printer, one installation per work station, and you should be golden..

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In order to fix the problem, navigate to Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program, open the Turn Windows features on or off option, scroll down and uncheck the XPS Services option. After that, click OK and reboot the PC:

enter image description here

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