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What can I use to protect my PS3 from any spyware and viruses?

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What can I use to protect my PS3 from any spyware and viruses?

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There are no active threats that affect Playstation 3 consoles. Its file system is protected in such way that 3rd party applications are not allowed to tamper it.

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Everything is susceptible to spyware malware and viruses but the PS3 is a very closed system so its pretty safe. I would imagine that if you were running another OS on it that your exposure would increase but as a general rule you are basicly safe from that kind of thing with the PS3.

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hahah I really wouldn't worry about it. I have never heard of any sort of virus for ps3.

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as i know about at this movment there are no active spyware or viruses that the ps3 are conpattable with

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i'll say this... there are definately viruses out there... i know because i was playing faceoff 1V1 with a guy in CoD MW3 And was beating him... before he quit (so i couldn't report him for hacking)he told me he had planted a virus on my PS3 hard drive that would wreck my motherboard in 72 hours... after looking up info here online... i determined it wasn't a threat, 72 hours later my PS3 crashed, and won't even "safemode"

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