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How can I cleanup my music on my PS3?

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Is there a music clean-up program I can download to my PS3 to label titles and artists? My sister gave me a ton of music, however, each title/artist is a capital four letter title. For example: GYPSY KINGS labeled ZXMP.

Please help.

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It seems like your music has been transfered from an iDevice as when you try to copy music from an iPod using it as an external device without iTunes or iTunes-like software, they are copied with exactly the same titles like RPIU or SPNX. If it is so, then you should just try transferring your music through iTunes.

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I am afraid that you can't do that on the console system, instead you will need to transfer the music to a computer and use a renaming utility to rename all your music.

You can use something like Bulk Rename Utility because it provides all the necessary tools to batch rename all your music in few easy steps.

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