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The software doesn't open any more.

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Thank you so much! But now I have re-installed the program many times because it did not open. However, I do like the first time and I often downloaded programs, I know how it works.
Everything goes fine but when I open it says "Initializing .." then nothing. I would have given up if I did not love this app. Thank you in advance!

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The official moderators of Spotify forum suggest to perform a clean uninstall procedure. I would like to recommend you CCleaner to clean the registry entries before installing. Additionally, re-install Spotify and disable your Internet connection. This is to ensure that the problem isn't caused by connectivity. If the problem is caused by the Internet connectivity, Spotify will say that it can't connect. Simple browse Google and search for proxies and assign one from UK, USA, or Germany and you will see it will work.

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