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When I search a title on Spotify, a message says: "Application is not installed". Why?

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When I search a title on Spotify, a message says: "Application is not installed". Why? What should I install? Before it worked very well.

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When you encounter this message, it means that although the application is actually installed, the registry entries are corrupted and because of that Windows reports it as being uninstalled. I recommend you to download a new copy of the software and install it. If you prefer to use online instructions, visit the Spotify Support page. The instructions are presented for various operating systems.

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The software doesn't open any more.
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When I'm using the DRmare Spotify Music Converter and open it with the Spotify app, it also pops up an error message saying 'the application isn't installed'. I contact its support team and fix this issue well. It says I'm using the Spotify app for the Windows Store version and need to uninstall it and install the official version. I followed this suggestion and solved my problem well.
Although now it also works with the Windows Store version, I think you met the same situation because of the compatible issue. Do what I did to see whether your issue could be fixed well too.

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You may have to reinstall the app, Spotify always has glitches that their support team can't even fix. So now I prefer streaming the songs offline after downloading Spotify songs with TunesKit Spotify Music Converter.

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Could I confirm whether you are using the Windows computer? If yes, it could be there is a new installment file for you to update the Spotify app to the latest version.
Or there is something wrong that happened in your installed Spotify app. You can just uninstall and install it to see whether things could be fixed well.
I have met this error message when I'm using AudFree Spotify Music Converter. But they told me that it could be that I'm using the older version. When I updated to its new version, it fixed well.

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As a big fan of Spotify, I often listen to music on Spotify. Once I was a premium user on Spotify for downloading Spotify music, but I found those downloaded files cannot be played out of Spotify. Then I google how to control music downloaded from Spotify and how to play them out of Spotify. Later, I installed Tunelf Spotify Music Converter on my pc. Now, I could convert Spotify to mp3 through that Spotify music downloader and play them on any device and player anytime.

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