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Information about BrainWave Generator.

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I want to buy it, but the page for buying doesn't work. I sent this message to but it failed to reach the destination.

I want to buy BrainWave Generator but I have a few questions:

  1. How much money should I pay for commercial use? Is there a bank account that I can transfer money?
  2. Is there a Turkish version of it?
  3. Is there a Turkish user guide?
  4. Will I just download the program from the web site? Will you send any equipment?

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BrainWave Generator is still available on the market and it costs 40$. The whole buying process is done through a merchant. There is no Turkish version or guide that you can use. The download doesn't grant you the possibility to obtain the device (if there is any). Access the website to find more information about buying options.

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The buying link doesn't work on The footer on this site is "Copyright 1998-2004 by Noromaa Solutions Oy. All rights reserved."
I think this firm is closed. What can we do to buy it to use commercially?

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