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Kyocera Hydro loses bass sound entirely during music.

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I purchased my Kyocera Hydro about a month ago. Among many other issues, this problem is one that, if anyone has encountered, has not been posted about in any forums I've read.

When I try to listen to music using the default Orange music player, it will randomly cut out the bass in the song. Everything else will still work fine.

I've tried:
* Checking EQ settings, not a problem.
* 3 separate sets of earphones, they weren't the problem.
* Resetting the app, didn't help.

If anyone has encountered this problem or knows how this could be resolved, Please let me know. It's extremely annoying having to listen to a flat song.

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This could be a problem within the operating system. If you said everything works well, then I recommend checking for updates to the device. Firstly, connect to the Internet then go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update. Check for updates and apply everything that the phone is displaying in terms of software update. After this procedure, if you still have issues, perform a factory reset from Settings > Backup and restore. This should fix the problem with the bass.

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