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I can't run my Micrografx Windows Draw5 on my new 64 bit computer.

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I had an older computer with Micrografx Windows Draw 5 on it. I purchased a new computer installed with a 64bit Windows 7 Home version and I tried to install the Windows Draw Application disc and it said it will not run on 64 bit. What can I do now? I need that program. All my files from the previous computer are in that form.

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If the program is not compatible, then you may try to run the program in compatibility mode by right clicking on the executable, chose Properties then Compatibility tab and from the drop-down list select Windows XP. There are chances that it won't work because the software is too old for newer systems.

You can check this link to learn how to run older applications in newer operating systems.

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Beautiful!!! Good News!!! Windows 8 has a feature that let me install my very loved program MICROGRAFX DRAW 5. and is running as it should be. really nice. I am really happy for it. I kicked windows 7 out.

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I am assuming this must be the 32-bit version of W8, with that version you get support for 16-bit programs, of course that is not possible of the 64-bit version since it does not support 16-bit programs, if anyone finds they cant use the program from this suggestion then check out basically you get a service that enables you to run Micrografx Draw on the modern but also 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and newer. I think there is also support for Draw 5 just contact the person on the website.

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