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Unable to open DXJOYSTICK.OBJ.

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I'm a beginner in developing application using Embarcadero XE2. I'm actually having a problem with the DirectX Joystick. When I run it, I got an error "unable to open file 'DXJOYSTICK.OBJ'". The component TDxJoystick is installed in the tool palette, but I'm able to use it in my CPP file correctly. What am I doing wrong?

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In order to use the mentioned object in your program, you need to include the Header file of TDxJoystick in your current CPP file. This can be done using the following syntax : #include "theHeaderfile.h" where theHeaderFile is the name of the TDxJoystick header file. If the file isn't in the same directory as your application, you need to use : #include "c:\ ..\include\yourFile.h". To be noticed that you need to input your path to the file in the mentioned syntax. For more information about this issue, check the following support website.

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