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Retrieving files from Sony Personal Safe File (SWP / UEA file)

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I have a Sony Vaio Laptop (running Windows 7 Professional x64) which came with the Protector Suite 2009 software by UPEK Inc. The software creates a 'Sony Safe' encrypted folder on the computer which can be accessed by fingerprint swipe or the backup password created in the software. The company no longer exists and as a result there is no support officially available for this program.

Now, I have figured that the encrypted file of the safe is stored in C:\Users\User Name\App Data\Roaming\Protector Suite\psqlsa.swp

In the event of a hard drive failure, I need to know how do to retrieve the data from this file from another computer using the backup password? The Protector Suite software does not work on all the computers.

I read on one forum that UPEK Inc. had instructed the user to rename the psqlsa.swp file to personalsafe.uea and then access it with the Protector Suite program.

In the event that the computer crashes, could someone please instruct me how we can extract our files from the .swp or .uea file on another computer using the backup password (I have a backup of the swp file)? The data may need to be extracted on another computer which is not a Sony Vaio so it may not be possible to install Protector Suite.

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Unfortunately, the only way to open the .swp file is to change its name to .uea and then to use the Protector Suite program developed by UPEK. This software works as you said only on Sony computers, so if you're using a PC from another developer, you will not be able to install the program and implicit to recover your files. There is no other software available that can open the .swp or .uea files. You can still find a link to download the UPEK software using Google search engine. Also, since the software came bundled with your computer, you can contact Sony Support team and ask for instructions.

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