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Windows 7 Drivers for Uniden VG-100 VoIP Gateway.

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The absence of Windows 7 drivers (or Linux) holds me back to have an unsecured PC on my network. In searching for drivers, I have found much criticism of Uniden in failing to update this device or, indeed, respond to emails or phone calls.

Rather than just sit and gripe, my research has also revealed that there are multiple versions of this type of unit, most of them D-Link but re-branded. Therefore is this unit re-branded so that I can seek out Windows 7 drivers for the original brand?

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Unfortunately, there is no re-branded product for this device and the drivers listed on the official website are not compatible with Windows 7, but you should try to perform an installation If you just need the drivers, simply download them and unpack the package to a folder then connect the device to the computer and manually go to Device Manager and perform a manual installation. Right click the device and select Update Drivers and manually select the INF file. It should say that the drivers are not signed or compatible with Windows 7. Ignore that and proceed to the installation. With a bit of luck the drivers should install successfully. In either case, there isn't anything that can be done because the lack of Windows 7 drivers and compatibility.

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