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Keylogger Pro won't open.

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The default keystroke does not open files. I am getting a message that the program is already running. Is there another way to access the files?

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Maybe re install the program will help, I just met this problem when I was using micro keylogger.

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The default keystroke will never open files. The keystroke is used to hide or show the icon on the system tray. Once the program is shown, right click its icon and you will be able to access the files.

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Thanks Sean, but I have tried the right click with no luck. I get a screen with a message that the Keylogger Pro is already running. Any other ideas on how to view the files?

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how about clicking the installation program? When I used Anykeylogger for Mac, I met this problem. Don't need to reinstall the Anykeylogger, just click the installation program. When I do this, the file appear.

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